Tank Trouble SWF Game

tank trouble swfTank trouble swf is online shooting game with unlimited fun and joy. This is one of the most popular shooting games which is played by more than 300000 players every month. This game is widely popular in age of 15 to 25. This online tank game is available to play on many online websites. You can read the complete tank trouble game guide on official website of this game. We all know games are very addictive and it is one of the most important types of entertainment in today’s internet lifestyle. This tank game is absolutely this type of online game. Once you start playing this game you will lost in creativity of game developers who did their best job.

You will definitely love this game. It’s no matter whether it’s your first time to play it or you have tried it before. In fact this is for everyone who just love online games and wish to play while having free time. This is free of charge and no extra registration or any steps have to be passed. You just need to get started, look through the main instructions and try your best in this regard.

Tank Trouble SWF Introduction

Tank Trouble is very easy to play on limopop. You can actually understand this game without reading any official guide. Theme of this game is based on civil wars and battle with enemy. One of the best things I observed about this game is that you don’t need high speed internet to stream this game online. You can easily play it without spending much bandwidth. Tank swf will start very quickly. You can play this game with single player mode as well as with 2 or 3 player modes. You can check it on official website where all these game playing options are available.

At the very beginning you will see that you are given the labyrinth, this is the way you have to move and pass, but don’t forget that you have to defeat your major enemy. If looking back at the beginning you are the green player, while your enemy – the Laika – is a red one, so you have to keep an eye on it apart from that you have to be smart enough in order not to be shot. Your enemy has to shoot you but you can move and plan your play accordingly, trying to avoid the major challenges. No matter whether you move forward or backward, the point of departure is that you need to stay alive. Get your enemy opportunity to use all the bullets it has, anyway it will follow you which is its main task. Also you can shoot a lot but keep in mind that you are not recommended to do so in a particular and the only direction, here you can select how to act and when.


After releasing this tank game some years ago, developers of game launched its further versions like tank trouble deathmatch due to the huge popularity of game. It is now available in different versions such as tank trouble 2, 3 etc. I don’t know the latest official version of the game but you can check this on internet.

Game Details

Once you start the game you have to fight with enemy tanks. Enemy depends on mode of the game. If you are playing in multi player mode then your friends tanks will attack on you otherwise computer robotic tanks will be there. The interesting part of this game is that even you can destroy your own tank therefore it is important to play this game carefully. Following are few tips to win it.

  1. Electrical Beam: You can get this power by reaching special symbol. This is one of the most powerful weapons in a game so try to get that special symbol which may come anytime during the game.
  2. Reach Special Weapon: If you are playing this game with your friends you have to reach that special power before your friend. Otherwise it can be used against you.
  3. Separate peripherals: To play this game with more than one player mode you need separate input output devices like keyboard and mouse for every player.

Gradually you will see that the process of the play will be speed up and even the labyrinth will be changed, let’s say a little bit difficult to move, but still worth to play and try your best. No worry about the fact that you are not skilled enough at the beginning. You can get more information about the key movements in this regard and the keyboard arrows might be helpful for you while playing. Forward and backward, or even stop for a while – you are getting skilled and becoming smarter and wiser. Also there are different tours proposed to you, depending on the complexity of them. Step by step, while playing, your abilities are strengthened and now you are able to pass various levels in fact. It looks like more you play more you are interested in to continue and defeat your enemy, it’s so amazing and breathtaking play, specially created, no matter how old are you or what special requirements towards to play you have. Here you are to play and enjoy it. At the very end you will see the scores and the final results, whether you succeeded or not. You can always try again and keep playing.

Tank Trouble Weapons

There are total 6 types of weapons used in tank trouble. You can check these these weapons along with how to use them details in below table.

Download SWF File

You can download .swf file of game which is available on different sites. I will recommend to play this game online because then only you can get the latest version along with all new features.

Final Thoughts

If talking about the instructions, they are definitely clear and easy enough to understand and remember during the whole play. You just need to be aware of them before getting started. Invite your friends and organize your play! Come and explore the world of Tank Trouble SWF right here and become the winner!

Hope you like this information about this online game. Please let me know if you have any doubts or suggestions in comment section. Thanks you. Have a great game!


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